Planning, Response & Information

This web page was created to provide resources and keep the Utica Academy of Science community informed. This is the official source of information on COVID-19 for our school. The page will be updated frequently, so please check back regularly.

Important Announcement

Dear Utica Academy of Science Elementary School Parents and Guardians,

We are writing to share an important health announcement.

On Monday, October 12, 2020, the Oneida County Health Department notified us that one UAS elementary school student has tested positive for COVID. The last day that this student attended school was September 29. The student was put in quarantine due to possible exposure to COVID-19 by an individual in the community who does not attend UAS but had interaction with the child’s family. The UAS student tested negative while in quarantine since September 29. However, the student was tested again last week and the result received on October 12 was positive.

According to the health department, since the student has already been out of school for more than two weeks, UAS does not need to take any action other than the regular COVID-19-related cleaning and disinfection performed daily.

We wish everyone to stay safe, healthy, and informed.


Elementary School Administration
Utica Academy of Science Charter School

About COVID-19

Since this virus is very new, health authorities continue to carefully watch how this virus spreads. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working hard to learn as much as possible about this new virus, so that we can better understand how it spreads and causes illness. The CDC considers this virus to be a serious public health concern.  

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  1. HANDS: Wash them often
  2. ELBOW: Cough into it
  3. FACE: Don't touch it
  4. FEET: Stay more than 3ft apart
  5. FEEL: sick? Stay home