‘On and In the Pond’ Atoms’ Art Show Gallery

Utica Academy of Science elementary school Atoms create artwork for their Art Show that utilizes the elements of texture and space for their ‘On and In the Pond,’ collection.

Monday, March 22nd, 2021Hold on to your Lilly Pads, because the Atoms strike again with these fun eye popping masterpieces in their latest collection titled, ‘On and In the Pond.’ Utica Academy of Science elementary Atoms learned about two vary important art elements, texture and space. These two elements help define a space and simply put help enhance a picture and have it ‘come to life.’ For their latest collection, students were tasked with creating 3D Lilly Pads using the element space, and water creatures like frogs and fish using the element of texture. Click here to view the Atoms’ Art Show featuring their latest collection, ‘On and In the Pond.’